About us

StudiaFly is a training centre that came into being in 2020 during the containment of the Coronavirus epidemic. StudiaFly was originally conceived by a young and ambitious pair who had a project to open a place where people could learn flight simulation. Valentin and Wissem decided to form a Discord server with several categories. To bring credibility to their project they called upon a first team, which was already able to transmit and make live the passion of aeronautics through flight simulation. Two months later, the first team was dissolved.

Back to square one for StudiaFly. Together, Valentin and Wissem had to rethink the training centre and the management of the classes. Everything had to be redone, including the team. Then StudiaFly was able to offer a new training course that would change everything. The CIPV, which could be done remotely on our platform, would later make StudiaFly famous. This time allowed StudiaFly to re-emerge with a new audience that would make us live our passion today. Today, StudiaFly has a team of more than 10 highly motivated people from several continents who are driven by the desire to pass on a passion, to bring comfort and education to others.

Today it is no longer just a training centre but a real drop-off point for all those who wish to learn to fly on a simulator. Accompanied by hard-working students and passionate teachers, StudiaFly has grown to become a training centre with over 160 members, with new partners willing to work with us either virtually or even physically. Our goal is to provide help to those who ask for it!