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Royal Air Maroc ( RAM-VLINES )

What is Royal Air Maroc Virtual Lines? We are the first and only IVAO certified virtual airline in Morocco! Here you can find a way to practice, grow and learn to fly with a great community! Special thanks: A big thank you to Eliass, a real Royal Air Maroc pilot, as well as to the community and our staff for their precious help!
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Lun'air is a virtual airline, managed by aeronautics enthusiasts. Come and fly with us all over the world, record your flights made with your favourite simulator (X-Plane, P3D, Flight Simulator 2020...) with our tracker available in the pilot area. You will be able to analyse your flights with many statistics. Join our discord to discuss with us. Group flights are also organised.
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YouTube channels

Tortue CH

Tortue CH is a multi-gaming channel focused on niche and simulation games. As well focused on submarines as aviation or complex management games. The channel also offers videos of historical anecdotes at the rate of 2-3 very well done videos per year. Close to 10'000 subscribers, it's a small channel that grows at its own pace without trying to please at all costs, nor produce in quantity.
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Aéro Cockpit

Aero Cockpit is a channel 100% dedicated to aeronautics where you will find documentary videos on aeronautical history but also on specific aircraft. If you want to discover or enrich your knowledge of aviation, through simple, quality videos, accessible to all, all within a family and friendly community, you are welcome on Aéro Cockpit!
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Discord groups


Discover Aviacentral!
The ideal hub where you can meet enthusiasts, pilots and aeronautical engineers and discover aviation.
Don't hesitate to join them.
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French online school

We present you a server dedicated to students, the aim is to help each other at school level (from college to university) and to help people who need psychological support.
Why them?
Although this server is a place of work we are developing a small, no nonsense CHILL community.
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La Commune

The Commune is a community Discord that was created to bring together gamers, streamers, etc. to play fun and competitive games in a warm and friendly atmosphere with lots of bots that allow you to play music or even in-game statistics. There is something for everyone! If you are looking for people to play with you on minecraft, fivem, gta 5, rainbow six and so on, then La Commune is THE SPOT for you.
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